Monday, 9 February 2015

A late Christmas gift.

There was a package in the mail box on Saturday, Tony seemed quite confused and didn't recall ordering anything. Then he looked at the return address and a penny dropped! A Christmas gift he had forgotten all about. It must have fallen off the sleigh in Germany! Well thats where it was mailed from.
 She is called Winter Fairy and apparently there are glow in the dark threads included in the kit. So pretty, I wanted to strat stitching her right away, but resisted.
instead I had a an afternoon of stitching with sleepy.
I've almost completed page one, another session should see it finished.
There is another stitcher working on her in a facebook group I'm a member of, she seems to have gotten quite a few others interested in starting to stitch their own Sleeping Beauties.
Next time I'll have news and pictures from our recent house guests And the lovely gifts we exchanged. 
I need to rest today, I think I did a bit too much in the garden yesterday, my back is sore today.

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Diane-crewe said...

how wonderful to get a late present xx