Monday, 2 February 2015

Garden changes

 Yesterday, before I headed off for my final extra shift and my last shift before a whole 9 days off, Tony and I spent some time out in the garden again. The front of the house has undergone quite a transformation. We forgot to take 'before' photos, so here you see 'in progress' photos.
That's my sewing room window there, with my blue reflection!
 The tree stumps were pulled out by Father in Law, with his truck after the two men had done lots of digging and chopping of roots with an axe.
Look at the difference. 
There is still a lot of work to do. The soil is in very poor condition and needs a massive injection of nutrients, we will need to lay a decent path along to the side gate and then the replanting can commence.
I did manage to save one huge clump of Agapanthus which I will split and spread out. There are also plenty of other tubers and bulbs in the earth which I plan to replant. There is a clump of Helebore at the side of the house which I will move to the front and the lilly of the valley in the corner by the gate will have a tidy up too. There is a tiny peony struggling to find it's way around the Aggies, I'll rescue that and possibly add more of those as there are plenty in other areas of the garden.  I'll also introduce one or two new items, I want a low maintenance colourful cottage garden out there. We also plan to put a flag pole in here surrounded by a tiny hedge.
In just a few short days my first overnight guests will be here.
Janice and her husband Mick will be visiting during their tour of NZ.
It will be good to see them again.
They are regular visitors to the Isle of Man and we got together each time they visited.
I'm off to bury threads!
Yes, I've been quilting.


Diane-crewe said...

gardening is a game of patience .. and planning x You have certainly made a good start x Have fun with your visitors x

Ali Honey said...

Well done those guys. I know how much work goes into that sort of job. I would warn against planting too many Aggies. They grow PROLIFICALLY in NZ and smother all other plants nearby and spread and seed and are hard to get rid of.
They are a noxious weed in some places.
Plant more hellebores, or consider Clivias. They are evergreen, have glossy leaves and big red berries after they flower. They love shade.

Debbie McRobie said...

Wow thats amazing lou. Can't believe the difference. Alot of hard work gone into it.

Chookyblue...... said...

OMG they didn't tell me they were going to visit wonderful........have a great time together...........

Oh and goodluck with the garden........

Anonymous said...

awesome you will love Janice she is so sweet,love what you are doing in the garden xx

Gari in AL said...

I am impressed with the gardening, something I don't do. I get excited with my deck plants but not so much now as they are all in the house for the winter.