Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Sorry I'm not posting much at the moment.
But you see, everything I try to do....
 Comes under some very close scrutiny!
I need to change practice quilts on the frame and would love to get on with some other sewing today, my only day off this week! So, I think Belle will be banished from the room today.
That said, I have obviously filled a whole practice quilt on the quilting frame. :-)
Though there still seems to be tension issues. :-(
My crochet is growing slowly, I get to do a few rounds in the evenings, when Belle sleeps on Tonys lap.
My poor Christmas Story quilt has ground to a halt!
I'm hoping to get the next block all cut out today and maybe even get a little appliqué done.
My lovely silver sewing machine was serviced last week and purrs along beautifully again. She has needed that for a long time.
Of course I'm still stashing too!
I visited the Sally shop last week and scored big time. I came away with two huge bags of yarn. Much of it was reclaimed, but there were also some jumbo balls of unused yarns.
I have the beginnings of three or even four half planned projects stashed away in the cupboard now.
Right, time to boot madam out and get on.


Gari in AL said...

Cute helper and nice set up. Funny thing is that the more different crafts you get into, the less you do on any of them. But being able to bounce around assures that you never get bored.

AnnieO said...

Darling babies do demand attention, fur covered ones too! Cute pics:)
We had a speaker at guild who said most tension problems are solved by either changing the needle, or by rethreading the machine, but she said to only try one at a time! She also told us for quilting we should use sharps and not universal type needles. Hope you solve your issues!

Janice said...

Next time your machine needs servicing you will just have to get Belle on the job. She will know exactly how they are supposed to work, seeing as she is giving this one such scrutiny. I hope you had a productive day.

Raewyn said...

Don't ya just love those pets and their insistence on helping out so closely??!! Good to hear you're getting to spend some time at your frame - hope you can sort out those tension issues. Good score with the yarn :-)