Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Not much to report.

We had more visitors over the last few days, which has kept me busy and away from my playroom.
But I was able to sit and crochet in the evenings. My latest project is growing nicely.
This blanket is made from natural yarns all purchased from the reclaimed basket at the Sally army store.
 Belle takes her duties as inspector very seriously.
 Checking each and every stitch.
 And of course, the snuggle factor is also checked out!
 Today with our guests safely home again I got back into the room and got on with a project for work. I offered to adapt a fly screen for the door.
The inspector gave it the once over.
She says it's fine, so I'm off to work to hang it. 
Then I get to do ME things this afternoon!
Or maybe I'll get to do Belle things!


Janice said...

I see that Bella is taking her role very seriously.. and I'm guessing is being a great time waster. Now, if that was our Joey, he would be seeing how everything stacks up as a replacement for his scratching post.

Raewyn said...

I love the grey-scale look of your afghan. Belle is such a cutie - it looks like she is settling into her new home very nicely!