Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Finish is always followed by.....

A new start.
I've been planning this piece for a while, gathering fabrics with produce images on them.
I had wanted to do something a little more artistic, but inspiration just didn't come and due to fabric sizes, some were fat eighths, some as big as fat quarters. All were big enough to make 4 five inch charms each. So a charm quilt it is.
I've made a start on sewing the charms together.
It's lovely to work with such warm bright colours on these cold winter days.
I may get more done today, or I may sit and cross stitch, as yet I'm undecided.
Tony and the boys have gone fishing for the day so my time is my own.
This morning I made a huge pan of veg soup and portioned it off for the freezer.
I also made muesli slice for lunch boxes and did loads of washing. There are scones in the oven as I type and I even squeezed in a trip to the post office, so this afternoon, I get to relax and sew.


Jewells said...

I was given a charm pack of these fabrics...I should go find them..they look so bright & inviting.

Gari in AL said...

Your day sounds so idyllic. I love that you got cooking and errands done and now have such a restful and yet productive afternoon planned for yourself.