Monday, 11 May 2015

Another block done!

Block three is completed. Yay!
I had a lovely time just pottering in the evenings last week and on a couple of afternoons too.
Here are all three blocks so far.
I am enjoying this project and it's fun to see Debbies blocks and compare with mine. They are so similar, but oh so different too.
As well as getting block three completed I also made time to sit and cross stitch on Friday last week.
I took Sleepy out of the big frame and popped her into a hoop. For some reason Belle finds that less interesting than the frame and left me alone, preferring to watch from the top of her kitty castle. Eventually she got bored and went to sleep.
Over the weekend Tony and I were again busy in the garden. Why is it no matter how many weeds we pull out, there are always more?
The green house construction is finally complete and now we just need to get some earth in there. All ready for a few over winter crops and next spring.
The winter garden I planted a few weeks ago is looking good with everything growing well, it's exciting to see it all growing in my own garden.
I have cleared two more patches in preparation for spring planting. Both still need some more digging over and plenty of good compost digging in. One area will be my pumpkin patch and the other...
I'm not yet sure, maybe some sweet corn and some peas?
Right, I'm off to see if madam will let me get on with block 4.


Cath said...

That really looks like lots of fun!

Diane-crewe said...

you are certainly keeping busy xx

Raewyn said...

Your blocks are great! Our weeds seem to grow just as quickly as yours!