Thursday, 7 May 2015

Making Progress

In spite of Belles ideas about pressing fabrics!
 I have managed to make progress on block 3 of my Christmas Story quilt over the last few nights.
Tony has had to go into work after hours to do IT stuff. You know that mysterious stuff that can only be done after hours and all the computers do something weird the next day?
So that has left me with free time to do my thing. I've enjoyed pottering about getting this far, even with my helper. Hmm, I wonder where she went though, after chasing tiny off cuts into the bin and all over the floor, she departed.
Time for me to depart also.
Bedtime for this sleepy head.


Janice said...

Great to see you making progress. The blocks are looking good. I wonder what mischief she was up to?

AnnieO said...

She sure is adorable! Pretty blocks, glad you're back to stitching again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee I love your blocks and your cat is very cute xx

Jewells said...

I just love the blocks..makes me wish I was doing it too!