Monday, 29 June 2015

Bad Blogger!

Not all bad though!
I'll get back to that soon.
Meanwhile, I have another finish for you. A second pretty blanket for my colleagues baby.
These baby blankets are soooooo quick to finish. Love them.
I've made a start on a third one, for another colleague.
It literally is only a start though, so more about that another time.
Getting back to the bad blogger bit....
Janice mentioned in a comment that she wouldn't mind if I shared some of my cooking and baking experiences here on my blog.
So yesterday I thought I'd give that a go.
I was making aranchini. I've eaten them many times and enjoy them very much. But this was only the second time I have made them.
There is kind of a recipe, 
Aranchini is an Italian dish. They are made using rice.
You can use any rice, white, brown, arborio, freshly cooked or left overs!
It has to be sticky though, lovely fluffy dry rice won't work.
I made up a pan of vegetable risotto using arborio rice. Then I added tinned tuna, chopped parsley, sweetcorn and some chopped chillies. Mix it all together.
I got Tony to taste it.
He declared it perfect and said I need not adjust the seasoning.
With wet hands I made cute little balls of my mixture, which I rolled in a little egg and some seasoned breadcrumbs, before baking them in a hot over for 25 - 30 mins.
Traditionally aranchini are fried, but I went with the healthier option.
and this is why I'm a bad blogger!
I had planned to get a photo of them on a pretty plate.
I had this vision of little golden balls all piled up on my pretty plate, sprig of parsley, all that.
But by the time I remembered they were all gone and the plate was washed and on it's way back into the cupboard!
If I'm going to be a foody blogger, I need to remember to get photos of the finished item!
They were declared very good, by everyone who tried them.
We followed them up with roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, roasted veges and lovely home made gravy.
Thats all gone too!
Debbie had brought along two desserts.
A lovely apple pie and a very pink cake.
Note once again the lack of photo!


Jenny said...

Those little fishy rice balls sound interesting! And not too hard to make.

Jewells said...

They were only an entree??? Man o man, I want to sit at your dinner table!

Chookyblue...... said...

i've never heard of this so maybe one day I will give it a try........

Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee,wow love the baby blanket and those balls sound so yummy,i have never made them ,but i have always been meaning to .xx

Diane-crewe said...

what a compliment to your cooking that they were all gone before you could take a picture the blanket is very pretty x

Raewyn said...

Oops yes, a finished-not eaten photo would have been nice! They sound delicious though and not too hard to make! Lovely wee crochet blanket, I like how you have edged it with the green.