Saturday, 20 June 2015

Blankets and birdies!

The first baby blanket for my colleague is almost complete.
 The variegated yarn works well for this simple triple crochet pattern.
 Belle thinks it could do with a nice picot edge though, so I'll get on with that later today.
I have a second wee blanket planned for the same baby and hope to get that started over the weekend too.
Maybe while Belle is bird watching!
The weather turned very cold and I started to put bird feeders out again.
 These wee fat balls are a great draw for the little wax eyes. They arrive by the dozen!
Maybe Belle would prefer to stay in her blanket on my chair.
She stayed there, all wrapped up like that for quite some time.
Right, I finally decided how to finish the fruit n veg quilt, so I'm off to play with that.


Jewells said...

The baby quilt will be much appreciated. Can't wait to see the vege quilt finished!

Raewyn said...

Back reading and backward commenting! Love your baby blankets, they look soft and cuddly. I've just washed 3 crochet blankets made for our kids when they were babies (by an elderly lady Mum used to take to Care-and-Craft), the thought of them also cuddling the grandkiddies (in the near future!) is a lovely one.