Wednesday, 3 June 2015


It's inevitable isn't it.
For a while now I've been feeling guilty that I don't post as often as I used to, and that the content has changed.  I felt that I was letting people down, especially as I got fewer comments, although my stats showed that the number of people actually reading my blog has grown and I have gained new followers and commenters.
Over the last few months I've thought about giving up on my blog, then I realised that it isn't for you the readers, it's for me. This is my record, my diary of not only my crafty endeavours, but also those snippets of my life that I chose to share.
Well my life has changed and so has the content of my blog.
I now have a wonderful and exciting new life, in a new country.
Not many people get that opportunity. I only have to look at the news of refugee ships sinking or being turned away from dreamt of shores to realise how lucky I am.
I'm still surrounded by friends and family at least for one evening each weekend, but even that is different, no easy peasy low maintenance Sundays roasts, now I chose to challenge myself by creating different dishes, using new and exciting recipes, new to me and our friends.
Never before have I had a garden to tend and make my own. Nor did I realise how time consuming it could be.
Gone are the wonderful 3pm shift starts which allowed me to spend so many hours with my machine and fabrics, now I have the 5.15am shift starts.
So the rhythm of my life has changed and so has the rhythm of my crafting.
Over the last two years I've eased back and enjoyed the slower pace of cross stitch, especially now as I eventually settle into the rhythm of those very early starts.
I find the urge to play with pretty fabrics is still there, but not so strong.
I have enjoyed the slower pace of the block a month Christmas story project taken on with Debs and dabbling with one or two smaller quilts, pottering slowly when time and my mood allows.
My quilting frame and long awaited dream sits here beside me, looking like a spare table, a holding space for partially completed projects. I will make time to get back to it, to play and practice more, but for now it slumbers, waiting.
I believe that I have now come to terms with the huge changes I have made in my life and hope that you can too. I enjoy my blog and reading comments from you.
Phew! I'm not sure where that came from, but I guess I needed to say it.
After all that I better share something crafty!
Sleepy has changed too. I last showed progress back here on 24th May.
She has changed.
And I can report that I have made it onto page 3 of my working copy of the chart.


Chookyblue...... said...

I don't comment on every post but I called by..........patterns of life do change in time but you find a new rhythm........not bad just different.......

Margaret said...

Oh, don't give up. I read your blog and love to hear about your life even though I don't often comment.
Hope you are keeping warm and well

Jewells said...

Yes, I am guilty of reading your blog every entry and not commenting...I feel the same about my blog too... I don't post as gets in the way. When you mentioned new reminds me of 2 things.. (1)the movie "Julie & Julia" & (2) when I cook something new, I always say we are "guinea pigs" trying something for the first time.

AnnieO said...

Change is certainly inevitable! I have continued to enjoy your posts about your new life and adventures. I too am posting less often, but I still like to read, write, and see photos on blogs, so I'll keep it up! Sharing what you choose to is one of the benefits of blogging. I know I like to look back and see what was going on in the past. Keep stitching and enjoying your new life!

Janice said...

I'm glad you have settled into your new life, complete with the inevitable changes that have come with it. The content of your blog has changed, but I think by having a blog, as you say, written for you, you have a great record of that change. All our lives evolve but not all of us have a chance to look back and see those changes written down. By the way, I'm loving seeing how you have embraced your garden after living without one. You will have to share some of your food successes as well.

Ali Honey said...

Likewise I could have written the first part of what you said above.
I enjoy what you write about so keep going. It's just I know more about where you are now that I did when you live in the North. I don't think things stay the same for anyone, some just have bigger changes.

shez said...

Hi Loulee I always comment on people's blogs that comment on mine as then I feel it's not a one way street,nothing worse than always commenting on a blog and you don't even know whether that person even visits you,that's just how I feel. You sound like you are adapting to the change quite well and I love your cross stitch,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Deb said...

Gosh Lou, you have been thinking the same way I have of late. Working has changed my whole blogging routine except I blogged for the interaction I think. I love when people comment and I have been finding I really haven't been getting any of late, not that I have blogged for awhile. I think my blog has got boring because I'm not spending as much time crafting so having nothing I think of to tell which is interesting.
But hey I love reading blogs still, yours included. I try to comment whenever I do a read catch up as Its what I like, the comments. Of late the catch up has become a long time apart but as long as you are getting pleasure from your blog and its making you happy then thats all that matters.

QuiltSue said...

I think a lot of people have been having the same conversation with themselves about their blogs. I know I have. Also, I agree, the patterns of our lives change and we have to re-prioritise. In my case, having a father of 91 who is not as well as he might be, and a husband who is also in ill-health, means that my time for blogging is limited, and I am guilty of often reading what people have written, but not taken the time to leave a comment.

dee holley said...

I LOVE your blog so please don't stop. I don't always post because on "bad" days my vision is limitrd and one of the limits is time. It has limited my stitching which has always been my coping mechanism. At least I can read about stitching when I can't stitch! Also I am very new to the blog universe and find that change which is my definition of life is common to us all. It is such a comfort to read how others cope with change and survive! Keep up the good work! :-)

Raewyn said...

A late comment from someone who also struggles to fit it all in at times... I love blogging but had to realise that my blogging has to be on my terms - when what and how works for me. I'm also gratefu for those who can spare the time to visit and comment as I do enjoy the connections and friends I've made through this online world :- (Haha not sure if all that actually makes sense, but there it is!!) Have a happy day! BTW I enjoy my visits to your blog, so happy that you are continuing on.