Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wednesday was a hit too.

Did I, or did I not?
In the last week make a great long post about having changed my content and not posting often, worrying that I might be about to give up blogging???
What was I thinking?
After getting two tops to the point where they are awaiting border treatments, What I asked myself, am I going to do today?
I know, I'll make a table cloth.
So I sliced fruit and veg.
 Three whole 
 photographs worth.
Which I stitched together side by side.
 Then I pinned them onto a re-purposed cotton bed sheet which I had cut down to size.
Before sewing them down.
 No layers, no quilting, just a quick edge treatment.
 And voilĂ , the table is set for dinner.
I rather like it.
Especially getting the whole thing done in a day!
Back to work tomorrow.


Chookyblue...... said...

that looks lovely on the table..........

Jewells said...

Feels great to finish a project in a day, every so often!

AnnieO said...

Good days in the sewing room are always worth documenting! Love your new veg pieces.

Janice said...

That idea of yours about stopping blogging was just a little brain snap.......and may have just spurred you on to get busy in the sewing room. How good is it to have a new tablecloth using what you already had. It looks great.

QuiltSue said...

That has made a very effective and attractive tablecloth.