Monday, 13 July 2015

A little procrastination.....

Can go a long way!!
Today I was going to be working on the Eye spy quilt.
I have it all ready to quilt.
Look, here is the back.
It's still there waiting.
I did a lot of tidying up instead, here in my play room, it looks much tidier!
I even had a go in the garage!!
Just no quilting.
On another note.
Debs and I had a road trip on Saturday.
We went visiting quilty shops along the road aways.
 Sadly, the one particular shop that Debs wanted to visit was closed.
I see another road trip in our future!
We did however visit three other quilty shops and a yarn store!!
So you'll be wanting to see stash pictures?
I forgot to take a pic of my yarn stash, but if you look at the blue and cream blanket in my last post, you'll get the idea!
I couldn't leave these yummy fabrics behind.
 The Pin Tin in Geraldine had a cute table runner made up with these chocolaty delights.
And in the end of bolt bin, I came upon these two pieces.
 Next stop the yarn shop, lunch and the Bernina centre in Ashburton.
Lunch was yummy Debs and I both bought goodies in the yarn store, but not a penny was spent in the bernina shop!
Onwards to Annies Country Quilts on the outskirts of Ashburton in a district called Tinwald.
Love that shop.
Debbie and I both spent lots of money in there.
The fire was lit and the store was lovely and warm.
We took our time and browsed each and every corner.
It may look small on the outside, but once you enter it's like the Tardis, the place just keeps on going and going.
Who would have thought 4 small rooms could house so much treasure.
I picked up a quilt hanger, for the Christmas story quilt.
These pretty fabrics.
My photography does them no justice at all. They are soft and pretty and romantic and girly and, and, and!
I also picked up not one but three pattern books. Two by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched and another Christmas quilt pattern booklet.
Tis the season by Natalie Bird.
Back to procrastinating!


Maria said...

Must be the weather for procrastination as I have been too.

Oh you did buy lots of yummy fabrics and the ones folded in triangles look like sandwiches. LOL

Great books too . I have the Christmas one.. Enjoy stitching out of them..

Lyn said...

Some great shopping there..lovely fabric and books to inspire. Sometimes procrastination is just what you need..the inspiration will come..