Monday, 6 July 2015

Off to the gym.

I just had a whole week off work, I had loads of time accrued and needed to use some up, so I took the week off to recharge and relax.
So what did I achieve in my week off?
Not a huge amount to be honest.
I did plenty of stuff about the house, but crafty wise, I achieved very little.
I did some crochet, but ripped that out, then I started another crochet project and ripped that out too!
The third idea seems to be going well though, it may just get to continue!
More about that next time.
Why am I off to the gym?
Well as you know, we always get together with Debs, Lee and families over the weekend.
There is always plenty of great food and us girls have fun with old favourites and new dishes.
This week was a double wammy, we were all together at Debs place on Saturday, then on Sunday Debs and co came here for a roast of lamb.
It's Saturdays adventures I want to share today.
I've been going to make gnocchi for ages, and finally got around to it this week.
 OK, so they don't look quite as pretty as the ones in the book, but you get the idea.
 After I had boiled them I followed a recipe using white sauce, spinach and sun dried tomatoes.
Also in the above picture you see Debbies Sweet and sour veg, she cooked them in a roasting bag with the sauce. And at the top left, hot pork.
Like Debbie, I didn't stop at one dish, I also made a steamed pudding.
 Not the dessert kind though.
Steak and ale.
Lovely steak, mushrooms and a small bottle of beer were encased in suet pastry and the whole thing steamed for 4 hours.
I must have greased the bowl properly, cause it slid right out, no problem.
 It was lovely. I would definately do it again, but maybe on a smaller scale.
Even with 10 of us there are always left overs.
Debbie also made a bean casserole. A recipe she got from her sister in law.
Beans, bacon, mushrooms.
 Lee brought along a divine meatloaf and some oh so tasty stuffed potatoes, with cheese and onions.
They all disappeared quickly.
Lee also brought along dessert. Lovely light puffs of sweet pastry spread with cream and fruit and topped with more pastry and a dust of icing sugar.
The men brought along beer!

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