Monday, 17 August 2015

Kiwiana Again!

Well done to those of you who guessed that my big secret project was learning to drive!
Like I mentioned, at 46 I'm a little older than most novice drivers, but I'm loving it.
Yes, I have my own wee car and I will post some pictures just as soon as I take some!
So, back to the crafty stuff and the name of this post!
I'm off again with more Kiwiana fabrics.
Just big old I spy squares. (The ones I bought in Geraldine on my birthday).
Easy and fun and a good one to use as a practice piece on my quilting frame.
Just playing about with the layout here, I think I'm happy with it as is, so may get the sewing machine cover off later today.
A colleague had her camera out at a recent staff night out and was taking snaps of the evening.
 I asked her to include a couple of Tony and I as we don't have many pictures of us together.
He was winning millions!
Shame it was only play money.
And because she is beautiful.
A pic of my grand daughter Faith.
In a pretty dress and wellies!


Debbie McRobie said...

Love the patchwork Lou. You are certainly achieving much more than me atm. Love the photo of you and Tony and the beautiful wee Faith.

pollyanna said...

Congratulations on learning how to drive! It is great to build on new skills :) And your photos are delightful. Love the patchwork. Bright happy kiwi fabrics. And what a delightful picture of you and your Tony. But the best is your little Faith girl :) Precious.

Diane-crewe said...

loving to learn to drive ... makes it a lot easier xx so GO GIRL xx Lovely pictures .. shame about the money xx lol x

QuiltSue said...

Lovely photo of the two of you and your grand daughter is gorgeous.

AnnieO said...

Congrats on completing your secret project, I had no idea !

Love the Kiawania

Great photo of you and Tony. Sorry the play money was the only kind of funds distributed!

Darling granddaughter....