Sunday, 9 August 2015

Phew! What a week.

It has been a busy week here in my world.
Not one but 4 birthdays!!
And extra shifts at work!
You probably remember that my birthday is about now, but did you know Debbie and her daughter Ash have their birthdays this week too? And also one of the Asian students who lodges with Deb and her family also had a birthday this week. Like I said, busy!
So amid all of my work hours this week, Tony and I scored a day off together. It was a beautiful sunny day even if it did start with a -5 frost! (((Shiverrrrrr)))
We drove up to Geraldine. Where we visited the very important and first stop on the list The Pin Tin Quilting shop.
I've visited there quite a few times now, with Debs and with Tony.
Maybe it was because I had Tony with me...... I was very well behaved and purchased only this charm pack of Kiwiana fabrics to make an eye spy quilt.
I used a voucher I had won on a previous visit to pay for half of it too! 
We ate lunch at the Berry barn before visiting the cheese shop and the alpaca yarn store!
Yesterday, (Saturday) Debbie, myself and Lee all hopped into Debbies car and we drove to The Quilting Shed. This was my second visit to this out of the way, well off the beaten path, but very lovely quilt store. For Debbie and Lee it was a first.
Again I was quite well behaved. Two remnants and a bag pattern.
Debbie spent a few pennies too!
Lee is not a quilter, she very much enjoys her crochet and some knitting. We agreed that next time we all three go out for the day, we will be sure to include a yarn store or two.
After a lovely lunch at Riverstone Kitchen  We looked around the gift shops where Debbie found more fabric, Lee found cushion covers and I found this pretty pinwheel. 
we then went into Oamaru and visited another cheese shop, before heading home for the usual Saturday gathering. I had left a Venison Goulash in the crock pot and made Ash my lovely Cauliflower and cheese sauce. Debs had two birthday cakes, the BBQ was roaring and we all ate too much and enjoyed it!!
Sorry no pictures.
Like I said, we ate it!
 Amid all the other nice things that happened this week, I had a windfall from the tax man!
Not a huge rebate, but enough to treat myself to these two cross stitch patterns.
I won them on Trade-me. (Kiwi ebay)
Oh! And I must show you my gift from my lovely husband.
 I had mentioned a few weeks ago that my mobile phone was getting tired and I might like a new one for Christmas.
 So he bought me one for my birthday! LOL
Complete with cute cover.
It was all set up and ready to go.
And DD provided me with the perfect picture to use as wall paper!
Did I find time to craft mid all of that?
I made three more crochet flowers!!
This next week looks to be just as busy.
I have extra hours at work planned already!


Diane-crewe said...

well .. if its going to be a busy week it may as well be FUN too xx

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to all!
Loved reading about your shopping trips - would be good to check out those shops myself next time we do a South Island trip. Perhaps next year.

QuiltSue said...

Happy birthday. I love the kits you won and admire how well behaved you weere in the fabric shops.