Monday, 31 August 2015

This 'n' that!

That news I was waiting on? 
I had applied for a promotion at work. I wasn't sure if I really wanted it, but encouraged by comments from my colleagues I threw my hat in, to see what would happen.
I talked myself into and out of the position while I waited to see if I would be considered.
By the time of the interview I was in the 'out of' mode! LOL
But sat the interview anyway.
I didn't get the job and felt a huge load lifted off and a feeling of Phew!! when I found out.
So I'm ok with it and delighted that another colleague did get the position.
I'm sure she will be just fine in her new role.
Quilting on the latest Kiwiana quilt is progressing slowly.
I do a little here and there.
I was just finishing up for the day when Debbie arrived yesterday.
Less than an hour should see the quilting completed, then I just need to find something to bind it with.
Black I think, as there is black in the back and quite a bit in the front too!
I've also been busy with Sleepy again.
I had an ear infection last week and was struggling with noise.
So the sewing/quilting machines were a no go!
So it was nice to sit quietly with sleepy and make some progress with her.
This is where she was at when I picked her up, for the first time in over a month, possibly even two months!!
 And below you see where she is at now.
that blue area I have just started is supposed to have lots of beads in it, but as I opted to omit the beads, that has slowed me down a little as I have to decide which thread colour to substitute.
 It's a day off work today, so I plan to spend more time with her again this afternoon.
Yesterday was a really busy day.
The house was like a Chinese laundry! It is again today too!!
I also did some baking as well as playing with my quilt frame.
Then entertained Debbie and family with a huge roast of beef in the evening.
Debs made a lovely apple cake.
Sorry, no pics, we ate it all!


Jenny said...

Do hope you are well over your ear infection - that is certainly a nasty thing to have, I'm sure.

Raewyn said...

You sound relieved at how work has worked out - it can be very unsettling when you don't know what is happening. YOu made good progress in Sleepy while you were unwell, it's going to be so beautiful!

Maria said...

It's good when you don't mind getting your promotion...
You are working on a few projects sew hope you get to finish soon.
The cakes look yummy....

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Work decisions can be very daunting--glad you realized you did not want the job.

I can almost smell the deliciousness from those muffins

Gari in AL said...

You are keeping yourself busy.