Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Bad Blogger!

Oh, my goodness, it has been such a long time since my last post.
I have done very little of anything crafty!
Tony and I spend a huge amount of our time in our garden now. The lawn has been stripped and replaced. It currently looks like moldy earth, hopefully it will continue to grow and by Christmas we will have a lawn again. 
In the green house the tomatoes, capsicum and chilli peppers are doing well. We didn't get any irrigation sorted out yet, so I'm out there morning and evening with the watering can.
 The veg gardens are amazing!
I can't keep up with the spinach and silverbeets. I've frozen loads and even given some away.
My second crop of brocolli is coming along nicely as is everything else.
I planted seeds saved from squash given to me by my father in law. They are going along great too.
 And of course I'm still discovering new plants on the property. We have done a whole year here now, but our efforts to tidy up have revealed new treasures and allowed other plants to thrive. 
Including the weeds!
Crafty wise, as I said I have done very little. I had planned to make some gifts, but simply don't have the energy. I did manage to get some cute ornaments made and an hour here and there to stitch on sleepy.
Progress is slow.


Janice said...

Not a bad blogger, just a busy one. It is so good that you have discovered the joys of gardening. When the main growing season is over I'm sure you will settle down to some crafting again. We too are enjoying our vege garden, even though it is a small one.

Diane-crewe said...

WELL... life can be a complicated thing at times x When you look back over the last (fast flowing!!) 12 months you can see just how much you have achieved xx ..... its time to go and find all those Christmas ornaments from last year .. and have fun x

QuiltSue said...

Seems like your garden is really keeping you busy.