Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas round up.

Well, how did your Christmas go?
Santa and my family were very good to me.
 My DD arranged for this beautiful hamper to be delivered. Belle thought the ribbons might be fun, But they survived intact, which is more than I can say for the current state of the contents.
 There was quite a large pile of gifts bearing my name.
Among them were some wonderfully hand crafted items and one or two inspirational items.
 I'll need to find just the right space to put the dragonfly on the wall.
And his friend, the butterfly will go in my sewing room  think.
 I exchanged hand made ornaments with several people this year.
 Some of them make me wish I'd had a little more Christmas spirit and managed to produce more than knitted stockings. Janice sent the beautiful blue fabric ball above.
My Sil Lee made two ornaments!
 A pretty snowflake and a crochet angel.
 My penpal Maxine sent a cute wee yoyo Christmas tree.
Debbie also made two ornaments.
 A tea light snowman and a lovely letter L.
Which has given me an idea for next year.
I spent a little time yesterday browsing pintrest, looking for inspiration for next years ornament swaps. Maybe if I apply myself now........
Hope you all had a great Christmas.
Happy new year.
May 2016 bring nothing but good times.

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Diane-crewe said...

you did do well x Glad you had a good time x