Monday, 14 December 2015

Slow Sunday.

So what do you do, on one of 'those' Sundays?
You know the kind, where there are four seasons in one day.
When we awoke this morning, the sun had already heated the green house to way over 30 C.
But the cloud cover soon drifted over and by mid morning it was obvious this wasn't a gardening day.
Pretty soon the sky was threateningly dark.
Rumbles of thunder could be heard.
Then the rain came, first blown from the east, then from the west. And then straight down.
First it rained, and then it poured, and then there were giant hail stones. Then it poured again.
And then the sun returned.
And so did the rain.
Then the sun.
Then the rain!
So, what does one do on those days?
Cross stitch of course.
Oh, my goodness, what a difference a wet weekend can make.
Look at the picture in the previous post for comparison. 
I even caught myself dreaming about what I might stitch next!
LOL, a bit early for that I think.
But it was nice to spend some serious time crafting.
I've had a think about things since my previous post and realised that the rhythm of my life has changed. A lot. 
Although I do still work shifts, they are very different from the 08.00 - 15.00 and 15,00 - 22.00 that I used to work. Waking at 04.30 am  and leaving the house at 5.00 is draining. Getting home before 14.00 sounds great, like I should have plenty of time to craft and sew, but in truth, I'm usually too tired. I can potter about and do housework, but the moment I try to slow down a little, maybe settle in my chair to sew, I fall asleep! I've tried to get into the sewing room too, but inevitably end up making a mistake. Unpicking, (sigh) is ok I suppose, but measuring and cutting errors........
I can and do go in there on days off work, but progress has slowed, to a stop!
Maybe it's that one at a timer streak I have. Perhaps once Sleepy is finished I'll get back into my wee room and finish a project in there!
Or maybe I won't!!
*It's a day off work again today.
My sewing room is not calling to me, but sleepy is.
So I shall potter about, do a few chores. Then sew for a while.
Before I potter and do some more chores.
Then sew for a while.

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Janice said...

Life does that - change that is....especially when you move to the other side of the world, and your shift start time doesn't exactly help. I think we should just go with the flow. When you are ready to start in your sewing room you will. Until then, don't force it. It is often too hot to sew at this time of year, anyway.