Wednesday, 24 February 2016

This one may take a while....

It's a PITA already!!
 Lots of thread changes and fractional stitches.
Both of which give lots of detail.
But detail can be achieved without the fractionals!
Never mind, I've started now, so I'll get on with it.
Maybe this is what it will take to get me back at my sewing machine!
The design is called Woodland Alphabet. By Jamlynn.
Very pretty. 24 letters with lots of little critters and even more little flowers.
I'll keep you posted.
So will the cat I'm sure!
I tried to shoo her away, but she insisted on being in shot!


Margaret said...

fractional stitches take lots of time don't they!

Diane-crewe said...

as long as you enjoy it .. doesn't matter how long it takes.. and of course.. she is showing you she loves you ...and the work of course xx