Monday, 9 January 2017

A UFO and a new beginning.

Thank you again to everyone who has commented on my last two posts. I love that you are still here.
I promise that I shall try to do better this year.
That said, more cross stitch today as that seems to be the craft of the moment.
First the UFO. 
It's called 'Woodland Alphabet'.
After I had finished with my beautiful dragonfly I pulled this piece out, the upper part had already been stitched and I remember procrastinating over getting on with the next letter.
Well having not even completed the next letter I remembered why it became a UFO!
I have now decided that this piece is to become a retiree! I give up. I'm not enjoying it and really don't want to stitch it anymore.
So it's up for adoption, if anyone is interested.
Yesterday I pulled out a brand new start.
I've had the chart for St Basil's Cathedral stashed away for a few years, and last year I pulled together all the necessary threads and fabric in preparation for this very moment. 
As you can see, if you use a magnifying glass, LOL I didn't do very much as yet, but I loved it. A totally different experience to stitching the alphabet.
It's one of those dull miserable rainy days here, so after I'm done with the domestic stuff, guess where I'll be.


Jenny said...

I think you are wise to give up on a project which no longer thrills you. Think I might have to do that with an UFO or two which is hanging over my head.

Lesley said...

That chart has been languishing in my stash for years: now it's definitely time to find it a new home....... lol

Maria said...

Great giving away a project that doesn't bring you joy... there are too many others to work on...

Janice said...

The alphabet does look rather fiddly. I'm looking forward to seeing the cathedral progress. I can just picture you in your big chair in the corner, all set up to stitch.

Diane-crewe said...

sometimes taking a break allows us to focus on the aspects that we DO love and allows us space to begin to enjoy once more .. so posting when you want to not feel you should and working on the projects that make us smile .. and allowing the rst to ..GO xx Have fun x

Raewyn said...

Although beautiful, if it no longer brings you joy, there's not much point hanging onto something! Nice to be making a fresh new start on something else :-)