Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How does your garden grow?

I'm happy to report, that mine is doing well again this year.
You know how supermarkets do give aways? Usually some wee toy for the children. Well New World group in NZ gave away 'Little Garden' in the spring, encouraging us to plant seeds and grow our own veggies. Yes it was aimed at children, but Nannas can join in too!
Much of my garden this year is thanks to New World.
So my first ever go at growing Fennel. I had two seedlings and after consulting google I learned that I shouldn't pull the whole plant, but cut just above ground level and the roots that remain will sprout some more bulbs for me.
So that is what I did. I cut this bulb at the weekend and after slicing, it was roasted with garlic, olive oil and Parmesan. Delicious. 
I'll be keeping an eye on the roots.
There is also a second bulb out there, waiting its turn.
I'm also growing pumpkin and squash again this summer. I have to say, my squash are faring better this year as I planted them in a different patch. Just look at this monster.
It's even bigger now.
The pumpkin are also in a different patch, but they are not doing quite so well. I'll try them in another patch next time.
The greenhouse is thriving and the fruit are starting to turn, we have already had some lovely tomato salads made from homegrown fruit. You can see some of them, back up there, in the picture with the fennel.
 Tony made a point of going out on Christmas day and finding the best looking fruit he could. It wasn't quite ripe, but he was determined.
Apparently having your own homegrown toms on Christmas day is something of a boasting point!
 The sweetcorn is almost as tall as me and flowering well. We have a lot more this year, grown from seed rather that bought seedlings.
 The garden is not all about the veggies, there are many flowers, which I'll show off another time, but I just had to reassure you, I may live in NZ, but I'm still Manx at heart and need Fairies in my garden.
Can you see her there, glowing in the sunshine? At night a ball she is holding lights up and she continues to glow long after the sun has set.
My latest sewing project is coming along slowly.
Pics next time.


Ali Honey said...

Well done. I too grew or are growing New World Little Plants. I didn't get fennel.
My little tomatoes are doing well. The herbs are all great. Kale that I had never grown.The Chillies have wee fruit set. I got given far too many broccoli which are now being targeted by white butterfly.We have eaten the carrots ( which were too forked ) but all in all I enjoyed getting and growing the wee NW plants.

AnnieO said...

I'm hopeless at plants, but admiring of your skills! The fairy is sweet.

Maria said...

Yep I'm like Annie, no good at gardening but yours is very successful Lou.

Janice said...

Your garden is being very productive. Having a tomato ripe by Christmas is the holy grail. We can never attain it. We have just started picking ours last week. You'll be busy preserving. Love your little fairy.

Raewyn said...

We got good mileage out of the little gardens too - totally enjoyed growing and eating them! Your vegetables look delicious - I think our fennel was one that the kids drowned then dropped; it would have been interesting to try that vegetable too!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Wow, your garden is producing wonderful fare! Here in the tropics we can only grow veggies in winter....I'm rather envious of your crops.