Monday, 27 March 2017

She's a Rascal!

So I hit the carpet running this morning. It wasn't my intention, I didn't plan things that way, but as soon as I was out of bed I got busy.
The slow cooker was filled up with lamb shanks and veggies while my tea was brewing, and I just kept on going. Two hours later and I eventually come to sit down and look who is in my seat.
When I asked her to move, I got 'that' look, so now I'm in his seat.
So what have I been doing? 
Yesterday we stripped out the green house, there were about 20 litres of green tomatoes.
So yesterday afternoon I used about 4 kilos in chutneys, but there was still loads left.
So I went hunting for another recipe and left more green tomatoes in salt over night.
And this morning I rinsed them and added vinegar, sugar curry powder and some other stuff which turned them into Curried green tomatoes.
They smell yummy.
They need to cool a little more, before I stash them away with all the other pickles and chutneys!!
Which currently reside in the spare fridge out in the garage.
It's not all been gardening and pickling.
Look, my blanket is growing.
I have three more squares made, ready to be joined on, maybe later today.
I really do need to get a photo of this on a brighter day, it does look different in real life under bright lights.


Maria said...

LOL... your fur baby was quick to hop into your seat...
You sure have been busy with all your tomatoes 🍅...
The crocheted rug is growing beautifully.

Janice said...

You have been busy. We have plenty of green tomatoes and beans, so I think some mixed vege pickles may be in order here.

Jenny said...

There's nothing nicer than jars of home bottled produce! Good on you - you've got lots tucked away for later.