Monday, 22 May 2017

Lots of itty bits.

Sorry I missed out on posting last week. I had issues!
Which meant not much worth posting.
What did I have issues with? The Kiwi quilt. I have decided that it is jinxed!
When I bought the kit, the fabrics included were not the bright quirky kiwiana fabrics pictured on the packet, or shown on the model in the shop.
I had issues getting the final block to go together nicely, then when I was finally ready to quilt it, I had to unpick not once but twice!! I had a serious issue with cuckoos nesting on the back!
Anyway, here it is, finally quilted and ready for me to close the binding.
I just need to make it a label. It's gong to be renamed...
I have several itty bits of housework to do today, so once I had the binding on to the kiwi quilt I got on and did one or two of those.
Next up will be some more Bitty stars. These are so sweet and quick to make.
I came across a beautiful scrap quilt on pinterest.
All made up in rows of bitty blocks.
My stars will be joining the bitty bow ties I made last week.
Look here to see the inspiration. You have to scroll all the way down to see a completed top. I have ordered the book, but meanwhile I'm pottering on using the links available on the page.
The plan is to trade off itty bits of housework, with itty bitty stars.
Then later today I'll sit down and make some more itty bitty stitches in St Basils.
This has grown quite a bit recently and I'm pleased with my progress.
I'm hoping that I can maintain interest long enough to get it finished and then continue to cross stitch long enough to get a Christmas gift completed and framed in time.....
Wish me luck with that.


Ali Honey said...

Lou if you remember where you got that kit from I think you should let them know you weren't pleased with it....otherwise they will just keep short changing people.

Janice said...

What a pity your Quilt wasn't as you thought. Mind you I like that border fabric of the paua shell. Your new project looks cute. It will make use of some tony scraps.