Wednesday, 7 June 2017

What a difference a day makes!

And a week makes an even bigger difference.
St Basil's has grown considerably.
I took this first picture on Sunday, intending to write up a blog post, before I started stitching, but didn't get a chance. Instead I was called into work.
 So I didn't get to pick up my needle until Monday afternoon once I had completed some domestics and neglected a few others!. I spent the rest of the day and the evening stitching and made great progress.
I'm onto the very last page of this chart and although I am excited to be nearly finished, there is as I mentioned in a previous post, a huge amount of backstitch to do, which I am not looking forward to. It is spread over several pages, one for each colour/shade. I predict lots of scrolling up and down as I complete each colour. 
Incidentally, I pulled out my third needle on this design last night. One  became terribly bent, then the eye broke. Another became tarnished and tired, I'm sure it had been used previously on another project, maybe this third needle will last until I'm finished.
Right, time to get on with my day. Sadly, I can't spend all of it stitching.


Chookyblue...... said...

progressing well.......

Maggie said...

What an amazing piece you are working on. WOW!