Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Meet my new friend

You may remember, we were off to get my early birthday present last weekend.
And here she is. I already have a Jenny Janome, so I think this one will be Naomi Janome.
I haven't had a chance to use her properly yet. Perhaps if I had had the foresight to have some pieces ready cut to make up some quilt blocks? It is simply too dark in my room in the evenings to cut accurately. Tony has promised that he will get some better lighting sorted out soon.  Meanwhile, I have been able to play about with some of the fancy stitches.
I could have so much fun with these.
The top three stitches in the greeny colour are all the same design, just widened or lengthened. 
I'm going to have lots of fun.
Hopefully once the domestics are done today I can get some cutting done while we have sunshine and good light in my room. Then I'll have some real sewing to do once it gets darker.
Meanwhile I've been stitching away at the secret stuff and also having a go at my crochet here and there. This wee pink blanket has grown very slowly.
I stopped last night at this point intending to bury thread ends and perhaps start on a border. It still looks just the same this morning. LOL
Here is a closer look at the pretty variegated pink yarn.
As previously mentioned, Mr H has a new craft interest.  No his bottled home brewed beer did not explode all over my lounge. Phew! It sat in the lounge for almost three weeks, before going into the fridge. He arranged a bit of a soiree on the weekend and had a grand opening.
I think it went down well. There were quite a few empty bottles.
Finally a mid winter sunrise!
I had to start work later than usual on Friday and was actually at home and able to see the sun come up. What a beautiful sight. The sky was on fire.
None of the photos I took really do it justice, but this one is pretty close.
I've had quite a few extra shifts at work lately, which leaves less time for the fun stuff. I'm looking forward to next week. Tony and I both have a week off work and by sheer lucky fluke, so does Debbie and her hubby! There will be crafty time, but there will also be a day out, maybe two.
Right, time to be domestic, then I'm off to cut, cut, cut and sew.


Jenny said...

Congratulations on your new sewing machine. May she do everything that you want her to, with good grace and manners.

Janice said...

What a lovely new friend you have there. I'm sure you will be besties. I bet Tony was glad that his beer was a success. There may be more where that came from in the summer.

Diane-crewe said...

what a wonderful new friend to have x Like all friendships it will develop over time ... so have fun getting to know each other xx lol x