Monday, 21 August 2017

Another Itty Bitty Row.

 I was slicing away yesterday, thinking about how things can change. If you had told me even a year ago that I would be making this quilt, I wouldn't have believed you.
Here I am cutting up pieces of fabric that not too long ago I would have deemed too small and consigned to the rubbish bin. And now I'm cutting them into even smaller pieces! 
 I have a wee tub of pieces cut to make more of the heart/wing blocks I showed previously. I am going to turn them upside down, so they look like butterflies. I did look at that tub yesterday and decided I really couldn't be bothered with the 45 degree thing!! So I got busy and cut tiny pieces for log cabin blocks.
 Then got on with the process of chain piecing.
 And I made me an itty bitty row of cabins.
And that was enough of that.
Besides I had to de fluff the ironing board, for the other kind of pressing!
I may have to take myself on a shopping trip soon. I've had a look through my wee stash and there isn't really anything in there that I might use to sash and border this one. 
I'm sure I will be able to come up with something for a pieced back though. 
While I was digging I came across some charm squares that I had purchased with half a plan in mind. The plan didn't work out, as sometimes happens.
Now I have a new plan.
I think maybe I ought to make a note some place of all the ideas that come to me and which fabrics I might use in order to make them happen.
Of my latest crochet projects, I have a finish and a slow grower. LOL
Pics another time.
My froggies seem to be the speedy project at the moment. Geez, the wee beggars have lots of toes!! Only one pair of eyes left to stitch!
And his head of course.
This is one of those projects that doesn't make a lot of sense up close.
That branch up on which they are sitting is a muddle of browns and the toes are 5 - 6 different colours and the whole thing is a riot of colour as I'm stitching it, but step away for a moment and look from father back and all of a sudden it makes perfect sense.
I'm fairly certain this one will be finished as a fabric backed wall hanging. It is to be gifted and has to go in the mail. I really don't want to put glass in the mail.
I will however have to find just the right quilt hanger!
And I finally decided on my next cross stitch project.....
It's all kitted up ready and waiting.
Enjoy your day.


AnnieO said...

Darling tiny log cabins! My scraps are overwhelming me at the moment, but other projects are top priority, so into scrap storage they go! I'm thinking of some Chinese coin type placemats that could use up a bunch.
I have a spiral bound notebook to try to corral all the quilty ideas. It's gridded so I can draw out designs too.

Janice said...

Well, your tiny log cabins look great on your quilt. There is nothing like a new project to spur you on to complete the last one, so I reckon there will be a froggy finish line very soon.

Maria said...

How sweet are those weeny log cabins...
Your frogs 🐸 are fabulous....