Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Yay! I finished

The froggies are finished for now. 
I completed the cross stitch last night, staying up a little later than usual, determined to get them done.
Nelson, Kermit and Trump (I'll let you decide which is which. LOL) have had a wash this morning and are awaiting the final treatment.
I plan to finish them quilt style.
 So, for my next bigger stitch I'll be doing Mirabilias Spring Queen.
I have stitched her before, back in 2007. The same year I started blogging, but it must have been just before I started this journey, as I can find no record of her here on the blog.
However, I did take a photo of my finished queen.
She was then gifted to a friend, something I have always regretted doing. I'm not sure she is treated quite the way she should be.
The new model will receive the correct treatment. :-)
I've had everything kitted up for some time and spent a few minutes this morning making final preparations to begin sewing. She is a rather different shape to the froggies and I had to pull out shorter scroll bars.
It will be nice to work on something feminine again. :-)
Right, time for some domestics, then it's play time.
I may make bitty butterflies, or I may do some Christmas crafts.
What ever I decide, it will be relaxing and fun.


Raewyn said...

Oh wow!! Your frogs are gorgeous!! Congratulations on the finish - I look forward to seeing how you complete these!! Hope you have fun with your new project - that is another beauty.

Deb said...

Lou, the frogs look great all finished. I certainly love your next project, she is absolutely beautiful.

Maria said...

Love those Froggies.....
Enjoy stitching your pretty feminine piece.

Janice said...

The frog goes turned out well. Enjoy your next project.