Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Garden Weather

Means less time for crafting.
But I am still finding time to sit with M'Lady and stitch in the evenings, and I managed to make a start on a new crochet project. Just something to fiddle with if I'm not in stitching mode.
 We have made a start on getting the garden into order. It was a dark wet winter here so not much tidying up happened over the cooler months, which means it all has to happen now.
You can see the freshly prepared beds in the background of this first photo.
 Next weekend, if the weather permits the plants you see above will all go into those beds. I have two each of Cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. A punnet of spring onions and two sorry looking window sill parsley plants that will do just fine outside.
The local supermarket is once again giving away seedling kits with grocery purchases.
This year they have included flowers as well as veg and herbs.
 I had a few left over from last year too and have been busy planting my Little garden.
I haven't planted any flowers yet, I've been concentrating on food!!
We have once again planted our own tomato seeds which are still too small to go into the green house, but they are coming along nicely and will go out soon.
Already in the green house I have two chilli plants and two capsicum plants. 
I plan to squeeze in a watermelon!
That is one of the seedlings in my little garden. Looking forward to any fruit it produces.
Work has also begun on the flower beds, with a sea of weeds already pulled out and a whole lot more to be removed. We have some new plants to put in when that work is complete and some ideas for a problem area at the back of the house, more about that another time, when I actually have something to show.
I have a staff meeting at work today, which is always a PITA, as  once the domestics are done, I often have time to achieve quite a lot, but can't settle properly and find myself just pottering while I'm waiting for the time to leave.
I do wish these things didn't always fall on my day off!
So I'm off to finish the domestics then potter for a while, maybe make a start on some baking which I can pop into the oven once I'm home.
What ever you're doing today, I hope you have some fun time too. 


Deb said...

How productive you have been Lou. We have started trying to sort out our gardens also but its such a big job, still if the weather stays lovely it's encouraging. Will be looking forward to hearing if you manage watermelon, I love it.
Nothing worse than having to go into work for meetings on days off, such a pain isn't it. I hope they pay you!

Ali Honey said...

I'm doing the little garden plants again. The sunflowers literally forced their way up to the light. I planted the 1st 3 out and a slug chewed one stem over night so protect yours.So far everyone of the first week has come up.

Janice said...

It certainly is the time to start playing in the garden. However, we are still getting some big frosts. We haven't had time to do much yet, but it will happen. It looks like you will have a nice productive garden again. Have fun with your seeds.

Maria said...

You sure are organised to get your vegies planted.. Hope you get nice weather...