Sunday, 21 January 2018

A post with crafty content.

I'll save the garden pictures for another day!
My first picture today is my latest cross stitch project. This is the L&L freebie I mentioned recently. It was just a white blob at the time. Now it looks like a few white petals, but I assure you it is the dress of a tiny angel. I plan to work on her a little more today, once I am done on the laptop.
 In the mail this week, I received this little lap stand. I've had the hoop part for some years now, it came with a table clamp and was gifted to me. I never really did get comfortable using the table clamp, but thought I could give this set up a go. The wee kidney shaped base goes under your leg and the height and angle of the hoop can be adjusted to suit. I'll give it a go soon, maybe on my next project. The fabric for my wee angel is too small for that hoop.
 On Wednesday, Debbie, Claire and I got together for the day. We were all at Debbie's place and I needed something portable to take along. I made a start on this cute wee sweater for my soon to be grandson. It really didn't take long to make. 0-3 Month size doesn't. LOL
 I've made a start on another one, and as we're planning to get together again real soon, I'll save it for the next girls day.
It doesn't show up too well in this photo, but the yarn matches my knit pro needles beautifully.
In other news, Jenny and Robin came to visit us on their grand tour of the South Island. Jenny had suggested a get together over a cuppa, but we invited them here to our home for a BBQ meal. It was lovely to meet them both, especially Jenny. We have been reading each others blogs for a few years and we felt like we sort of knew each other already. You can read more about our meeting over on Jenny's blog. She took a few photos throughout the evening. I took only one of Jenny and Robin, but didn't check it, and someone has their mouth open, so I won't share. LOL When ever I see it though, it will bring back memories of a lovely evening.
I have to say, I've met quite a few bloggers now, all very clever and crafty ladies, and all lovely people. We are a nice crowd aren't we?
Right, time to sew, or the weekend will be over and I'll have nothing to show for it but a bowl of homemade falafal. I had a busy morning in the kitchen.


Maria said...

Pretty cross stitch you are working on..
Such a sweet tiny jumper for the new baby.
Love the variegated wool you are using for the next jumper. Your needles do match it well.

Janice said...

Lucky you to meet Jenny and Robin. The sound like a lovely couple. You’re right, bloggers are a nice bunch - not that I’m biased.

AnnieO said...

Sweet start on the angel, and congratulations on the soon to be grandson. Time flies, my grandsons will be 4 and 2 next month. What fun to meet fellow bloggers, I’ve enjoyed it when the chance has been available!

Jenny said...

Oh dear, I bet that was me in the photo with the open mouth! Many thanks for not punishing it. It was so nice to meet you both, many thanks for being such wonderful hosts. And of course, if you are ever in our vicinity, we would love to return the hospitality.

Diane-crewe said...

baby clothes just "fly" off the needles don't they.. so much fun to look forwards to x So glad you had a good meet up.. I have met up with several other Bloggers .. and never been disappointed x