Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Meanwhile in the garden..

Things are going very well out in the garden, and as it's a wet day, I have time to show off some pictures.
 The green house is looking lush. and the fruits are starting to ripen.
 It's always so exciting when I start to see little hints of red amid all that green.
 Time too have a tidy up and cut back some of the bigger leaves and allow the sunlight to work it's magic.
 Of course, it's not just the tomatoes that are ripening, on the left you see a candy cane capsicum and on the right a yellow chilli! Hmm, The capsicum cam off a broken branch so had to come in. The yellow chilli we thought was ripe and i popped it into a bowl until I was ready to use it and was amazed when two days later it was that bright red colour.
 Below you can see one of the candy cane capsicum that was able to ripen. If I leave them too long they lose their stripes and go red all over.
 Not the best picture, I was trying to show how some of them appear green to start with and others appear with yellow stripes.
 The yellow chillies are prolific!  These are still a little green, but if I leave them, they will go red. 
My normal capsicum are making fruit too, this was the first one to ripen.
 Outside of the green house things are growing well too. I have two beautiful big cauliflowers.
 I already picked two big broccoli heads and there is more to come.
 Yellow and green beans are doing well and my courgette plants are offering one or two fruits a week.
 There is more, so much more, but as I believe I mentioned recently, I'm out of practice and forget to take my camera along.
Well, now you have seen what has been keeping me away from my sewing.
That said, it's a rainy day. Comfy seat here I come. I plan to cross stitch for most of what is left of the day. Then maybe I'll have some stitching to show off next time.


AnnieO said...

I’ll never be a gardener so will just be happy to see yours! Such beautiful crops in the greenhouse—looking very yummy.

Ali Honey said...

All looking good. That's what has been keeping me busy too. Orchard and gardening and using the produce....very satisfying.

Janice said...

Your garden is being very productive. I can see lots of freezing and preserving soon. We don’t have much this year. The zucchini are starting to fruit and the tomatoes are just about to start. We didn’t put any beans or capsicum in this year. Our eggplant is ready to start picking as well as the spinach. We had just a little few raspberries and that is about it.