Saturday, 10 March 2018

And they're done!

Tony and I have had a week off work. It's been fun jut hanging out. We both got to spend time with our hobbies, and time in the garden, as well as a couple of days out. It is wonderful, but sadly almost over now.  I took some time to get my Daisies quilt onto the frame and in between bouts of gardening I got her quilted. Look you can see that autumn is coming, the leaves on the cherry tree are just starting to turn yellow.
 But through the other window, the wedding cake tree still looks resplendent. 
 I had fun with this one and did a meander pattern, which included Daisies.
 Well the fabric collection I used to make it is called Pocket full of Daises. 
It got another inspection as I was trimming it, before adding the binding.
It does worry me when she does that though, she was watching my scissors very closely and on occasion she has tried to play catch with them!
I thought that as the sun is shining it would be nice to take a photo outside, but maybe it's just a bit too bright. LOL Though it does show my daisies. 
I came back indoors and tried again. Here is a closer look at the quilting. 
And the big Tada!! Moment.
 Next up I had to close the binding on my Christmas table quilt. All work stopped while to inspector did her bit. I was able to finish it this morning, without her help. She hopped into the warm spot I left in the bed!
This was the one I did some custom quilting on. The borders were fun and much easier than I thought. 
 And here is it's big moment.
 Two Ta da! moments. 
Because it's double sided. I love this green backing fabric I found on a visit to Cathy at the quilting shed.
As I mentioned earlier, we've also spent some time in the garden, which continues to reward us, every day there is something to collect and either eat or freeze or preserve in some way. 

I had a go at my butternut patch and found 14 that were ripe. I sat them on the corner of the deck in the sunshine for a few days, today I'll hide them away in a cool dark corner. Then I'll go see if any more have ripened. At last count there were still 10 on the vines. That's 24 butternuts!!!
And three cute wee pumpkin hiding right at the back.
We've been picking corn cobs a couple at a time, but the other day Tony got right in there and pulled a bucketful for the freezer.
The courgette are still going, but thankfully a little slower now and I'm able to keep up with them, before they become marrows. The three varieties of beans are also still going strong and many are finding their way into the freezer. Recently, our meat free Monday has been produced entirely from our own garden. What a wonderful feeling.
The green house is also still going strong. The tomatoes have slowed and are almost done, but now the peppers are ripening. This bowl has a few tomatoes picked last night, along with five different varieties of peppers.
Red capsicum, mad hatter capsicum, candy cane capsicum, wild fire chilli and habanero chilli . 
 This is the second time we have tried to grow habanero chilli, the first time they were only tiny fruits and did not ripen. These fruits are much bigger and I'm told very very hot.
Mr H said I was to use them sparingly. Only tiny amounts per meal.
he also advised me that I shouldn't try them.I'm not one to shy away from a bit of spicy heat, but knowing his tastes and seeing his reaction to it....
I just might take his advice. 


Janice said...

Great finishes. Now you can have another start. I love your wedding cake tree. I had to google it, as I haven’t seen one before. It really is beautiful and in the perfect position just outside your window. Your garden is being very productive and, yes, if Tony says the chill is are too hot to eat I’d believe him, having seen him eat Indian food.

pollyanna said...

What delightful quilting. Is your daisy pattern freemotion or a pantograph? I love it! And time to reap your harvest as leaves begin to turn. Just beginning spring here in the states.

Tired Teacher said...

What a bounty from your garden. Butternut squash are especially delicious.

Karen S said...

Two lovely quilt finishes. Gorgeous work with your quilting, too!
Lovely to see your views from the windows.
And it looks like your garden has been very productive.

Raewyn said...

Well done on the two lovely finishes. You have a beautiful view from your quilting area. Your garden is so productive! It sounds like you had a great week, hope you're settling back into work again now.