Thursday, 8 March 2018

Girly day.

On Monday we three girls got together at my place, for our usual stitch n b1tch.
We had previously pinned 'The Village' and Claire shared progress pictures. She has quilted this one at home and is I believe ready to add the binding.
I didn't manage to get a picture of Mondays project, but she was doing some applique on an amazing mariners compass top.
Debbie had brought along her sewing machine and some kiwi fabrics. She hosts international students and wanted to make some gifts for them to take home. She cut out and made this table runner. Then took it home to add a back and quilting.
Then the following day she cut out and made herself a needle roll.
 She had seen mine and decided it was a cool way to store her knitting needles.
I was busy too, I sat and buried threads in the Christmas charms table cover. I've since added the binding, but didn't close it yet.
There were a lot of them.
Tony and I are off work this week, we have been busy in the garden, which is still looking good and giving loads of produce. We had a day out yesterday, and of course we have both made time for our creative hobbies. Which is what we have planned for today.
If you want me, I'll be in my quilting room, my Pocket full 'o' Daises quilt (Scroll down) is loaded onto the frame awaiting my attention the forecast is for a fine day, so it will be warm in there with the sun shining in. 


Jenny said...

Enjoy your week off work - may it be filled with things you both enjoy, plus spending time together, of course. Perhaps you can have a nice leisurely lunch out somewhere together as well?

Janice said...

My goodness, you three were productive. A fun day by the sounds of it. Good luck with your next project on the frame.

Raewyn said...

A lovely way to spend the day, stitching with friends - and you were all productive too! Sounds like you had a good week off work - hope you're all refreshed for the new week :-)

Karen S said...

It looks like everyone was very productive on the day. Such a lovely way to spend time with friends.