Sunday, 4 March 2018

Two quilts and two 'helpers'.

Well, my quilt frame has had a work out this week. Claire has a box full of tops and has vowed that they will all be quilted before she starts any  large new projects!!  She asked me one day if she could use my floor to pin, as this would save her having to move furniture. No problem, I even offered to get down there and help her. 
By the time she got here, I'd had a brainwave!
Why don't we use the frame to pin? There is still some crawling about on the floor required, but nowhere near as much. So we have used the frame to pin two of Claire's tops which she then took home and quilted on her own machine, but this one she opted to leave on the frame, and it got to stay overnight.
 It got an all over meander.
It looked really good once it was finished, but I didn't get a chance to get a photo. Now we need another trip to the shop for binding fabric!
As soon as that one was off the frame, the machine got a good clean and I set about prepping my next quilting project. Then my first helper arrived! I tried to shoo her off, but she thought I was playing games, so I left her to it and wound bobbins while I waited her to finish her inspection.
 Then she spotted the paper bag the backing fabric had come out of, and I was able to make a little progress.
 She soon realised what was going on and came back over for another look.
Tony offered to help get her out of the way, but I'm sure he just made matters worse!
 Eventually I had the backing fabric cut and was able to get everything loaded onto the frame.
 I tried my hand at some custom quilting and had to turn the quilt through 90 degrees in order to finish some areas.  The inspector was all worn out and needed a snooze.
 I won't win any prizes for my efforts, but I'm reasonably happy. 
Sorry I didn't get any good photos of the quilting yet. 
I shall correct that as I'm burying all the thread ends. There are rather a lot! I didn't start on that yet as the weather has taken another warm turn and I felt too hot at just the thought of sitting under a quilt!
It looks like being a warm day again today, so maybe I'll go potter in my other room.
 After our run to The Quilting Shed on Wednesday I have plenty of fabric to put borders onto the Pocket full of Daises top. and also binding fabric. And I may just have bought a new kit, well I deserve it, I've had a few finishes already this year!
In a recent post someone commented that I had my frame in a good spot. It is a lovely room and until we moved the frame into it, it wasn't really used, except and a spare bedroom for visitors. Two of the walls are made entirely of glass and have views out into the garden.  It is a lovely room to work in.
Speaking of the garden, the view out of my other room has improved somewhat. Work is still ongoing, so I'll not share just yet, but soon, very soon.


julieQ said...

What an amazing garden view...can't wait to see more! I am glad you have good helpers!

Chookyblue...... said...

Way to go.....

Janice said...

Your corner room is perfect for the frame with all that natural light and gorgeous outlook. Tony will be pleased to see you enjoying your frame and producing lovely quilts. Good on you for starting to do some custom quilting.

Maria said...

LOL you do have a purrty helper...
Good on you for trying custom quilting..

pollyanna said...

I was immediately called to the amount of light and the garden view from your quilting space. I'd love it as a guest, but even more as a quilting space! Marvelous :)

Karen S said...

Smart move to use the frame to help you pin.
And well done finally getting your own quilt on after all the help from your friend!
I agree with the comments about the lovely light coming into the room. What a bonus!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee lol love your helper,so handy using the frame for pinning xx