Monday, 9 April 2018

Aaaand it's finished!

The little foundation pieced Christmas tree I showed in my last post, got it's day on the frame yesterday.  I was dithering about how to quilt it then I saw a video on facebook. I follow Leeanne (Quiltmekiwi) on both blogger and facebook and the other day she was kind enough to share a wee video in which she was quilting a Christmas tree on her longarm. You can see that very same tree in the link above. I was inspired. and set about having a go myself. My machine is not a long arm and I had to quilt the tree in two sides.  I didn't think of loading it on to the frame the way you see it here until after I took it off the frame to do some un quilting, when I reloaded it, I decided to work this way. Loading the quilt this way meant a lot of stopping and rolling on every few inches, but the top lay much nicer loaded this way. When I had it loaded lengthwise on the frame I had issues which caused the un quilting.  Lessons learned.
 My companion was with me throughout. How on earth does she sleep there, with all the noise and vibration of the machine?
As you can see below, I backed this piece in beautiful bright yellow fabric. LOL It's a piece of bed sheet, which shows up all the quilting, good and bad. Yes there are some very wobbly wobbles in there. Some were intended, but some were not.
For the tree itself, inspired by Leeanne I quilted another tree! with two or three branches inside each actual branch, if that makes sense? 
The skirt is made up of 7 -8 pieces of red, so I endeavoured to quilt a wobbly line around each of them, in the creamy white background I had a go at a stipple with the odd star thrown in and the green border got the border treatment you see below.
It's finished.
 The final act, while the beef was roasting in the oven was to close the binding and add a hanging sleeve. Now I just need to find the right frame to hang it on, then make or find ornaments.
I'm not sure what I'll be playing with today, but first a turn around the garden to see what the weekends warm weather has produced. 
I gave Debbie a huge bag of beans the other day, but I'm sure there are more now. they hide you know, among the leaves, you think you have them all, then the next day you spot ten inch long monster beans! LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee wow your xmas tree is gorgeous and i love your FMQ on it,well done my friend xx

Jenny said...

That's a great finish, well done!

Karen S said...

Wow, that's impressive! great finish.

Janice said...

How convenient to find the video. You’ve done a fantastic job.

Raewyn said...

Your Christmas tree is gorgeous - well done on the quilting - it has finished it off beautifully. Good job on the foundation piecing too :-)

Brigitte said...

Wonderful finishing!!