Monday, 23 April 2018

Produce and pachyderms.

Lets start with the garden this time. Below you see this weeks pickings. I thought there were just a couple of small courgette still out there and that they may not do much. When I went out on Saturday to pick them for the kitchen, I moved a leaf aside to get at one of them, I found this monster! LOL
As you can see the green house is still going too!  All of the red came from there.
We're starting to get frosts now, so things really will slow down.
Oh yes, all of this produce is on the inch side of my cutting mat.
On a crafty note, I have spent some time working on Debbie's Elephants. Though not quite as much as I would have liked. Anyway, I did remember to unroll it and get a photo of progress.
Above is where it was at on Wednesday morning.
And this morning it looks like this.
Here is why I didn't stitch as much as I would have liked.
I ran out of one of the grey/brown threads for the elephants.
 Debbie admits this project might be pre children, so possibly about twenty years old then....
Uh oh!
It's a grey green now!!
A dig through my stash revealed that I have the green toned thread.
A visit to the shop was no real help.....
I still have three elephants to stitch.
Green elephants?
I did a bit more investigating and I found a slightly darker grey brown in my collection and one of the newest DMC colours at the shop seemed to be just a little lighter,.....
So today, once the domestics are done, I'll experiment a little and see how things look, hopefully I'll come up with something pretty damn close.
I was enjoying working on this piece and hope to find that pleasure again.
Anzac day is near. 
Let's not forget


Karen S said...

Great to see the garden still providing food.
And the elephants are lovely. Hope you can sort out the threads for the rest of them.

AnnieO said...

Amazing hidden veggie! I grow weeds and flowers but no food except for an avocado tree, but live just across the freeway from a big farm. Lots of strawberries growing there now. Hope your thread find works out—the elephants are so cute.

Brigitte said...

These elephants are such a lovely stitch. The little one is just a cutie,
Wow, it's still a lot of produce from your garden. My mouth starts watering when I think of the great salad you could make with these vegetables.

Kaisievic said...

Good luck with finding the perfect floss to stitch those elephants. And today is now ANZAC Day - Lest we forget!

Janice said...

I do hope you end up with the right grey. If not, let me know what the closest DMC one is and I’ll see if any of my old ones would suit.