Friday, 6 April 2018

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Admit it, you were singing along, weren't you?
Well I wasn't! This little quilt is foundation pieced, and aside from some tiny pieces in my bitty row quilt last year, the only foundation piecing I have done so far, and it didn't go well!
There were a few sweary moments before I managed to get it to this stage. I was ready to throw it into a box and forget about it at one point, so I walked away and was able to pick it up again the next day. I continued to have issues, but it is complete and as I was sewing on the borders, I found myself enjoying the project again. I still need to quilt it and make some ornaments, but it is done.
If I can make a decision on how I actually want to do it, I'll quilt it later today. Or maybe it will hang there and wait awhile, til I make my mind up! LOL
I mentioned a couple of posts back, that there had been a girls day out, and shopping had taken place.
I had made up a wee pouch kit that I had bought.
This was the other big treasure of the day.
 The Story of My Day. 
An Anni Downs book.
I'm a sucker for Anni's designs and her quirky style and comments.
 Like most of her books there is a large project and many smaller ones made up of the elements in the large one.
The pattern calls for 17 fat eighths of fabric, but I'm sure this one could be made from scraps.
 Although such tiny amounts wouldn't make much of an impression in my scrap bucket.
Almost time for me to go and play, but first, for the non Kiwi readers, this is the flesh of a black boy peach. Isn't it a lovely colour?
My roasted chutney is a very dark purple almost black colour and I was right, it tastes great with cheese.
OK, cuppa tea, then it's play time.


Brigitte said...

The flesh of that peach looks awesome. And delicious. I'd really love to have a bite. But I still have to wait until the peaches here are available.
That Christmas tree looks wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing how you will finish it.

AnnieO said...

Foundation/paper-piecing generally gives me hives! Glad you beat the project into submission 😁
I’ll never be a gardener so must admire your successes!

Janice said...

I haven’t heard of a blackboard peach before. It is pretty. I’ve only done a little foundation piecing and you certainly have to get your head around it. You should be pleased now that you persevered. Do you have Anni’s book “Simple Pleasures”? I have a spare if you want it.

Karen S said...

Well done getting your tree together. I think I have a similar pattern that I should be making too. Oh, dear.
I love Annie's patterns too. So tempting!