Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Smell o vision....!

I wish there was such a thing! My home smells beautiful this morning.
I traded some of my habanero chillies and some other assorted goodies from my garden, for a bag of black boy peaches. And right now, this recipe is in my oven.
It smells divine. I have made a similar recipe a couple of years ago, but cannot find it. This one smells better. I'm sure it will be amazing with cheese.
It's going to need another hour in the oven, so time to show off my latest finish.
I made this bag on Monday, the final day of our extra long weekend.
I've had the kit since we went to Auckland, just over a year ago! LOL
It does have handles, honest! I was just struggling to find the correct light by the time I was finished with it. One room was too dark, and another too bright. 
It's a nice easy pattern and I'll probably use it again.
The Bon Voyage Bag from Cushlas in Devonport Auckland. 
It's a lovely roomy bag at 18' square with an internal pocket and button closure.
In garden news.
 I'm still picking beans!!
And peppers in all sizes, colours and scoville ratings.
Oh! I gave away two more courgette!
But two more are almost ready to come off the plant. LOL
They are getting smaller and slower though.
Time to stir my chutney, then peg out the washing.
Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee love your new bag and your chutney sounds lovely ,well done xx

Jenny said...

The black boy chutney sounds delicious, I would never have thought of cooking it in the oven.
Love your bag too.

Karen S said...

I just read the recipe and it sounds delicious!!
Lovely work on your bag, too. Looks like a very useful design.

Janice said...

That chutney sounds yummy and best of all, easy. I suppose you could use ordinary peaches? The bag will be a handy size. My Manxgirl cream bag was very good to take to retreat on the weekend. Nice and roomy.