Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A small finish!

It's been all about work recently. As you know, I've had extra shifts, which is good for the bank account, but no so much for crafting time. I do sit and knit or crochet in the evenings though. I've made some more granny squares for Jiffy's big blanket and his son Floki will have a warm head when the Northern winter rolls around again as I finished his blue hat.
Here you see it beautifully modelled by Hero Teddy.
I'm off out to the crafty shop today, to get some more yarn for another hat.
I might just have to make him a Viking helmet. LOL Well with a name like Floki I have to don't I?
I have more extra shifts confirmed for the next few weeks and also some great social outings too, so I don't see a lot of crafting time in my near future.
This weekend we are off to Dunedin to watch the All Blacks play France.
(You all know who the All Blacks are right?)
Then, instead of coming home we are staying over for the night and going fishing for the day on Sunday. Father in Law has chartered a fishing boat out of Moreaki. I'm not sure about the fishing, but I am definitely looking forward to the game. 
I might pop my crochet basket into the car for the long drive down and up again.
Right, chores.
Then I get to go out wool shopping.


Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee you sure have been busy,I love the little hat,hope you have a lovely week xx

Chookyblue...... said...

Have a great time....... Go France...... Lol
Seeing Jannimary today.....

Jenny said...

Cute wee hat! Enjoy your weekend away.

Karen S said...

Sounds like a very busy time ahead.
The little hat is lovely.

Janice said...

A cute little finish. Enjoy your weekend away.