Saturday, 4 August 2007

Birthday comes early.

Hunney gave me my gift early, it's not actually my birthday until Sunday, but he brought my gift home from work where it has been hiding, and as there is nowhere really to hide things here I got it early. No, I couldn't have looked at a wrapped gift until Sunday morning, I'm useless at things like that. ( Christmas was and still is such a torment for me! ) It would have been all the more frustrating as I knew what I was getting.

Now you want to know what I've got? Looky here! I played for a while last night, before and after Hunney took me out for dinner. Hunney sat with me and helped me to figure out some of the functions. It's so much nicer than my old machine, smooth and quiet, and it does what I ask of it. Hunney also bought some feet that were not included in the package and a quilting table to add onto it.

So, last night I started to satin stitch my plates onto their blocks. Yippie! My DD wanted to be in on the fun of the new machine too, she asked if there was anything she could do to help, so I set her the task of cutting out the centres of the plates, one of which I have sewn on as she wanted to see what it would look like. All I have to do now is put everything together.

I'm already dreaming about my next project!


Janet said...

Wow..Loulee....what a wonderful gift! It seems to do everything! Congrats, happy Birthday...and have fun!

Gerry said...

Lucky Lady! That's a great machine. How nice of DH to help you with the how-tos.

YNice work on the plate. you just love sewing with it?????