Tuesday, 7 August 2007

A Quilt of two halves!

Well, it's coming along! Here's the first half, completed except for the removal of stray threads. I'd also like to press it again before I attach the other half and then bind it.

Here's the other half, waiting for me to slip stitch two seams in the back. I'll press both halves before stitching them together. I should get it done this evening. I'm off work again tomorrow, so I may get it finished.

As you'll see, no sashing, I decided against that on this first one. There will be no border either, I will be binding it though. I'm planning to make a 'scrappy' style binding with the fabric left over from the plates and the print on the back.

I see that it's usual practice to put a label on ones works. That means I have to think of a name for my quilt.

Dresden Plate.
Plates with Love.
Hearts and Flowers.
Blue China.
China hearts.
Loulee's Plates.

What am I gonna call it?

I have a sore finger, I had to go find my thimble, it's a lot of years since my fingers had to do that kind of work, you would think years of cross stitching would toughen my fingers, but the weave of aida and evenweaves means that the needle passes through much easier I guess.

Time to go pin the other half.

Have a good day.


Rose Marie said...

I like the last one best: Loulee's Plates says it all. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I couldn't reply to your comment as you have a 'no-reply address' set up.
Keep us posted on this quilt, it's coming along very nicely!

Christine said...

Thanks for your comments, and WOW! Love the quilt, can't wait to see it finished! ;)