Friday, 30 November 2007

Any ideas?

When I first started this blog I looked about and applied to join the 'quilting for pleasure' ring, but as you know, thats gone now. So I've been looking about again and I see many of you are members of the 'stashbusters' ring, but I have no stash, so thats not for me. LOL I also see a ring called 'Mavericks' am I maverick enough to join you guys? There are several rings for crazy quilters and embellishers, still not me, in fact there are dozens of rings out there and I'm confused!

Do I need to be in a ring? I know that some of you link to me from your own blogs and some are regular readers and post comments, do you think I'd get more feedback if I were to join another ring?

If you were to reccomend a ring for a relative newbie who does mostly straight forward patchwork and quilting which ring would it be? Or should I just plod on as I am?

Take care


Rose Marie said...

Since joining a ring, I have increased my visitors a lot and you probably would fit well with this new ring: More Quilting for Fun. Go to this blog and then scan down to the ring logo and click onto the Join link.

Janet said...

Well..I don't anything about any other "rings" than what forms around my bathtub! (LOL) but whatever you'd need!

Linda said...

I'm with Rose Marie, the Quilting for fun ring is a good ring to be in, it increases the number of visitors to your blog and the rules are easy to follow.

Elaine Adair said...

mmm - I've wondered why a person should join a 'ring' .. have never figured it out, and am happy with the number of good folks who read my blog, and give me comments, etc. For me, I have enough to keep me busy with surfing the blogs through Bloglines, and trying to keep in touch with as many as reasonably possible. Some days I do better than others, and I believe the other Bloggers would answer the same way. We all do our best with whatever we have.

Keep quilting, and have fun.

Nana's Quilts said...

Well - we are glad to have you here. This seems to be a good fit for me, as well. So welcome here.

Janet said...

Hi Loulee: I joined Quilt Studio and it seems to have a good variety of interests and skill levels.
For newbies and also those who wish to expand their creativity, I will be launching a new membership teaching website with a quilt gallery, forum, articles, lessons, projects etc. It is up but I am managing my own site, so inputting is going very slowly - too much to do!!! For now, I am doing a tutorial on my blog for some friends who have asked for help in making my Sea Creatures quilt.
I'd love for you to take a look at it and make any comment or critique you'd care to.
I'm adding you to my blogroll - want to read you regularly.
Janet in snowbound coastal Nova Scotia, Canada