Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Lots of Inspiration.

Still no stitching or sewing to report. The only needle I managed to get my hands on was at work. A button had come off someones shirt! Why does everyone assume that because I do cross stitch and make quilts and the odd garment, I must enjoy repairs and can work miracles with rags to restore them to their former glory? Sorry, bit of a pet peeve of mine.

I'm still busy studying and writing notes and essays for my NVQ, but hope to get a break from that soon.

I also have one or two Christmas parcels left to post. On that note Shirley asked if I have to put customs stickers on my international parcels, which would spoil any surprise. Yes I do, each year I pick on a different member of Hunneys family in New Zealand to receive, make any wrapping repairs and pass on all the gifts. So in theory only one persons surprise is spoiled. On any of the customs labels I give only the minimum of information. For example, if I say ''handmade purse'' on my customs label, I know for a fact only one person out there reading my blog knows exactly what I mean, cause she already got one! Everyone else will picture something different. So, one of the ladies in NZ knows that all the girls are getting purses, but hopefully she has no idea what they look like. Sometimes the boxes are not opened, that's a bonus.
I've given up being vague on the parcel I send to my pen pal in Australia, she says in 15 years she has never received an un opened parcel from me, every single gift I have sent to her has been opened and inspected!

On a quilty note. A few weeks ago Julia was selling off some stash on Etsy, I spied this little beauty and just had to have it. As I don't have a paypal account I demanded that my Sister buy it for me. (It's good being the oldest, sometimes I get to boss the others about!) Enclosed in a pack are 'Fusables' and instructions for making this pretty applique quilt. The butterflies around the border are quilted. As you can see it's called Garden Party.

There are instructions in the pack for both hand and machine quilting the design. There is a fabric guide, although it would also be great for using up scraps too. I need to go shopping, but every penny I have is being ploughed into Christmas at the moment.

This months scrap bundle has also arrived, these reds and pinks are beautiful.

They come with instructions for making sawtooth stars, but I wouldn't have been surprised if they had arrived in January with instructions for something romantic to give on valentines day. I think I'll save them and do just that! I have enough of the other scraps which I can use to practice sawtooth stars.

They are yummy though aren't they? I'll have to look out for something special to make with them.

I picked up a copy of Quilt Mania magazine last week while I was out with Moya. I've never seen it before. I'll be getting it again though. For those in the know, it's issue number 62, the one with Rudolph on the front! (For those not in the know, I'll scan the cover later, then I'll have a picture for next time. ) There are some quilts in there I'd like to try, including the applique Rudolph.

I'd better go put pen to paper, the sooner I get my school work done, the sooner I can play.

Take care.


Rose Marie said...

Looks like you will be having fun with these projects and knowing you, we will be seeing something soon from you!

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Loulee,
Enjoy the pattern,
It didn't click at first that you might be getting that pattern and I wondered about where it was going when i saw the address, ....
Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, have fun.