Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Did you miss me? LOL

Sorry I've not been around, but, well LIFE!!

I've not been lazy though, I have a few small achievements. First of all I turned this collection of pieces into the body of a bag! It now needs lining and a handle attaching.

But I fell out of love with that, so I got on with a quilt for my boy. Here is the first offering, all of the nine patch blocks. Next I have to start cutting the sashing.

The other day while having a poke about in the Hospice shop I came across this beauty. It's a huge king size Blanket, it's very heavy, feels like cotton, with maybe a little wool. The label is all washed out so I can't say for sure. For £1.00 I wasn't leaving it in the shop.
I did think maybe I could use it as wadding, but after getting it home and washed I had second thoughts, I'll keep as a blanket for the spare bed. There is nothing wrong with it, not a ulled thread, no stains, nothing, except the washed out label!
It is white I assure you, don't know why it looks blue in this pic.
Life and work will continue to get in the way for a while, but I will plod on slowly when I have chance.
Have a great day.


Teresa said...

That blanket looks like a good find to me! I can't wait to see what you are going to do with those 9 patches. Blue and White are so clean and crips looking.

Michelle said...

Nice fabrics in the top picture...can't wait to see the bag you are working on. And also to see what you are going to do with the 9 patches!! You are keeping us in suspense! :)

Andrea said...

I love 9-patches and blue is my favourite colour so I know I'll like this one even before I've seen it - lol !

Lynda said...

How could you leave those gorgeous bag fabrics alone and do something else! Perhaps it's love for your DS! The ninepatches will be gorgeous.

Sarah Nopp said...

That is a great find- that blanket. I love having a nice blanket like that as an extra layer.

Ali Honey said...

Great buying!

I like the fabric at the front with all the circles. Please will you show the bagwhen it's done even if you have gone off it. can't win them all LOL.

Rebel said...

wow - that blanket is gorgeous... to much so to leave in a shop!

Enjoy it!