Tuesday 1 April 2008

Prem / doll quilt.

I have nothing of my own to show today, but I thought you might like a look at Moyas latest offering.

She bought a whole bunch of Sues off ebay and etsy. They pop up all over the place.

Just to take a break from her larger projects and to get a little instant gratification she whipped up this little treasure over the weekend, there is just a tiny bit of the binding left to go on.

And the back, modelled beautifully by Lala.

You can just see the quilting. I now have a piece of that backing fabric in my scrap basket. I'm not sure what she is going to do with this one, maybe Lala has claimed it for her dolls, maybe Moya has another idea in mind.

I'm off to get my coloured pencils out and play around with a few ideas for the Nautical quilt

Have a great day.


Greenmare said...

Hi, the next meeting of the QuADD group is at your local quilt shop. You MUST buy at least 3 fat quarters so that the rest of us feel more comfortable around you............
and put your shoe back on!! ;-) At least my kids would totally understand YOUR kids laughing at the one shoe thing!

Teresa said...

Cute little doll quilt - and I sure looks like it has found the right owner. I was so pleased to see my granddaughter playing with a simple doll quilt and bad I had made for my daugher when she was the same age.

Marit said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. And why not try to make some maverick stars yourself? Its fun, easy, and you can use all kinds of scraps. And your doll quilt is really sweeeet!