Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Finally! A Morning off.

It seems like an age since I had a morning off work. We have two shifts, 08.00 - 15.00 or 15.00 - 22.00. Needless to say when I work a late shift I have al morning and a good deal of the afternoon to myself and I can get loads done. I love it. If on the other hand I work an early shift, I really can'tbe bothered to do much when I get home, so I just do the minimum, usually some housework and cook the dinner. We don't have a set rota pattern, the duty just falls as it falls, so that explains why I seem to pop in and out of existence and post at random intervals.

Thanks to everyone for their comments on my nine patches, my lucky find and the mysterious bag I'm making with those patches of fabric! LOL I will show it, at some point. Don't hold your breath ok.

On to what I have managed to achieve over the last couple of days. This has been my first late shift in a long while, so I've maximised on my time this morning. Two loads of laundry, while I caught up with blogland, a quick wizz with the vacuum, and then onto some cutting. I cut all the sashing strips for my latest top. I got it to this stage before running out to the post office with two parcels.
When I got back I fastened all those bits together so now I have the six strips which go across the quilt. Did I mention that DS1 helped to design and choose the fabrics for this quilt? It is his quilt and he is keeping an eye on progress, so I'd better get on!
Horizontal shshing and cornerstones, here I come.

Oh!! and on the spur of the moment I signed up for ' Another Little Quilt Swap ' this morning. I have a few ideas already, but of course I'll have to wait and see if my partner has any preferences. I hope I can produce something wonderful for her, whoever she is.

Have a great day all.


Janet said...

It's so nice Loulee! Love the color combo!

blackbearcabin said...

i agree with you regarding the morning or afternoon shift! i was a lot thinner when i worked in the afternoons because i would walk every morning and then work on projects, but when i do mornings, im exhausted by the end of the day! Just not a morning person i guess :)
Im excited you joined the "another little quilt swap"...and i read your sure your quilt will be wonderful! (i was feeling the same way though). I have a few ideas im excited to get started on to! Chat with you later ~

Rebel said...

Oh I love the nine-patch, it looks very nautical! DS will love it.

Sarah Nopp said...

Very summery look, that nine patch! Keep it!
And thanks for the link to that Swap... I need another swap like another hole in my head... but it soooo tempting. Argh. LOL

Michelle said...

Love the red sashing! I think it goes great with the blue and white fabrics.

Finn said...

Hi Loulee, thanks for visits to my blog and the nice comments *VBS*
Congratulations on a day off to enjoy!
Love what you are doing with the 9 patches. The colors work so very well together. Hugs, Finn

Rose Marie said...

Your son has a great eye for colour and fabric choice ..... looks great so far!

Karol-Ann said...

Hi Loulee, the nine-patches are going to be great! Thought your hospice blanket find was amazing too! Nothing better than some time to sew!!!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love the red on the blue and white blocks.It is so fresh.