Saturday, 12 April 2008

We had a great day.........

Yesterday. My sister Moya came over and we had a brain storming session, helped each other out with a few ideas, swapped magazines and books, showed off one or two finishes since our last get together, Oh! and we did some sewing too. LOL

I finally got Trailing Hearts 2 finished. Grandads chair once again has the honour of modelling it for you. I had to order more fabric for binding so had put it away for a while. I've had it finished for a couple of weeks now, but had never gotten around to burying the threads.

I quilted as I went with this one, stitching each round into place through the batting and the backing. I also did some work around the hearts. It has an old towel for batting and drapes beautifully.

Evidence of a busy day, planning, shopping, admiring new fabrics and the fact that we did actually get on and sew something! LOL
And here is what I achieved! All sashed and ready for borders, I did get a round of white borders on too, but didn't get a chance to photo that, we ran out of the flat leaving DD to vacuum up our mess and screeched to a halt at my work with seconds to spare! LOL We had a great day.

DS1 will be delighted I'll be layering and quilting this one tomorrow.

Moya has made a second Sun Bonnet Sue doll quilt. She has started to turn the backing forwards to self bind it and got a little frustrated with it as the quilting lines she is using as a guide are only in alternate squares and she was a little confused when it came to the corners.

I think with a little playing about we solved her problems and she will have this finished in no time. Her DD1 Amber has claimed this one since DD2 Lauren claimed the last one. I wonder if her DS Brandan would like one! LOL

One of Moyas friends has just had twins. She was prepared for any eventuality with plenty of blues and pinks from the Giggles range in lovely soft flannels. We got one of each! So she's been busy making 'His and Hers' quilts.

I took this before she put the three long blocks together. We then got stuck in and experimented with border styles and colours.
She really likes these little pinwheels. I'm not sure what my camera was playing though, these pics just don't show the true colours of the quilts.

Well that's all our news and gossip. I'm off to loose my shoes and sit at the sewing machine. The first order of business is to sew the crotch back into Hunneys shorts! Bet you're jealous of my glamorous lifestyle. ROTFL

Have a great weekend.


Janet said...

As always, they look so pretty Lou! Was wondering, what's the furry thing in the basket in front of Grandad's chair?

Karol-Ann said...

Lots of lovely things in this post. You have been busy! Well done!!!

Lynda said...

Your DH is so lucky having you using your sewing machine for repairs! My poor family have had to learn how to turn up their own trousers etc (hooray!) because I'm too busy quilting to do mundane stuff!
Envy you your lovely day with your sister. I only have a brother, and he's not up for quilty days.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Aren't you the busy one!

Michelle said...

How wonderful that you and your sister share a love of quilting. I'm glad you had the opportunity to share a day and sew together! My sister lives hundreds of miles away and I don't get to see her nearly enough. :( Your 9 patch quilt is coming along nicely...I know your son will love it.

Marit said...

Thank you for stopping by. It sounds great to be able to share your love of quilting with your sister! And I love your 9 patch quilt!

Rebel said...

OMG! So many pretties I don't know where to start! I love that trailing hearts quilt... probably because I love all the PINK! Love love love it. (who is the furball in the basket?)

DS1's quilt is very cool. I just looks so nautical.

Sunbonnet Sue! How can you not love a little sunbonnet sue with her flower... so pretty. Doesn't Sunbonnet Sue have a 'brother' pattern? DS might actually like it! =)

Finally - I love the fabrics in the His & Hers quilts... such fun spring colors. Lucky kids!