Monday, 19 May 2008

Birthday Party

Yesterday the whole family gathered at Moyas house for her oldest daughters birthday party. I forgot to take my camera so these pics were taken with Hunneys phone, they are not the greatest but I think they tell the story. As usual Loulee has got the pictures in the wrong order!

The sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze, Hunney and I are a little pink this morning.
It wasn't just the little boys and girls who played! Moyas Hunney and mine playing swing tennis. A boy must take his dinosaurs on the tramp you know. This is Kirstys son Alex. Kirsty is the sister in between Moya and I age wise.

And because I can't upload pictures correctly, a pic of my beautiful swap quilt from Annette. It matches perfectly the African Violet in my dining room, they were made for each other. Thank you again Annette.

Big cousins are an essential at birthday parties, they can pick you up and throw you around! There is the birthday girl sat on the edge of the tramp.

Big cousins can also dive into the bouncy castle after you and get beaten up and bounced on. The even bigger boys were pleased about that, cause in years gone by that has been their job.
Katy and Lauren, getting a turn on the tramp. They did do some bouncing, but had to stop so Katy could eat hot dog.

And taking turns on the slide.

All up there were four sisters, 3 brothers in law, (Nerine isn't attached) eight cousins, one friend and his mum, oh and last but not least, two nanas.

We had hot dogs and chocolate cake washed down with lemonade. We drifted home tired and sunburned at about 7 o'clock.

Today I get to sew, I have one application form to fill in, must run to the post office, then my time is my own. Time to cut sashing for my boys quilt top.

Have a good day.

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Greenmare said...

thanks for the comments! I think that party looks like a blast! and the african violet is perfect on the perfect little table topper!! pretty!