Friday, 16 May 2008

I hate this.

All I seem to have time to do at the moment is housework and a little shopping! When I do manage to get a few moments of me time, it's in the morning before work, I quickly read a few blogs, if you're lucky I'll have time to comment then I'm gone again. For some reason I had NO mornings off this week, I had to wrangle to get one on Wednesday, I had every intention of getting some sewing done, but ended up spending the whole morning updating my CV and filling in job applications. A sweet, sweet, sweet, colleague agreed to swap with me today, because my baby sister is on the island, Nerine. So today we three are off out for lunch. Moya and I are aiming to spend a little time in the sewing shop in Port Erin. I want to find something yummy to put in with my ALQS.

I did find time to have a look about on the net and purchase these beauties though, one of my magazines has just started a mystery quilt and published the yardage required.

The way things are going, there will be no mystery for me! It will all be published before I even get to start! LOL What the heck, I can hope.
Of course while I was shopping for those I had to have a look at the sale pages, and look what I found there.

Yummy Batiks. Shh! I didn't tell hunney about those. No I didn't buy the mouse there either, he just wanted to be in the pic.

Right, I'm outta here, I have to go get showered and dressed or I'll still be in my PJs when the girls arrive.

Wish me some mornings off, some sewing time and my well paid dream job.

I miss you all. Have a great day.


anne bebbington said...

Enjoy your lunch - quilty time will come along - never fear - love the orange/terracotta fabrics

Karol-Ann said...

I have the same problem, when I sew, I feel guilty that I'm not cleaning. And when I clean, I feel cross because after a few minutes it looks like I haven't cleaned at all!!!
Best of luck getting some sewing time!

Andrea said...

Whoa slow down missus ! Life is funny like that sometimes - all work and no play. Enjoy the time with your sisters and maybe a little MORE retail therapy will be in order. Take care now x

Janet said...

Nice fabrics Lou! Try to have a wonderful day, and hey, good luck on the applications!

Lynda said...

The fabrics are wonderful! Which magazine is the mystery quilt in? I'm keepihg my fingers crossed for you to get more sewing time, but enjoy seeing your sister - it'll be a good time.