Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I hope I got this right.

Yay!! Two mornings off! I don't start work until 3pm today and tomorrow! I love the late starts, I get plenty of time for sewing and Housework (Spit).
I now have two job interviews, early next month! (VBS :-))) )

I hope I interpreted Joe's meanderings and mutterings correctly, cause I'm halfway through quilting the outer border on his quilt. I had in mind to try to reproduce the yellow flame there on the right in the black fabric, sore of over and over again, growing out of itself each time.

( I'm really not sure what happened to the yellow fabric, it does not look like that!) However, this is what Joe's interpretation of flames looked like on the black fabric the other day. Strangely my best efforts are the ones that occur when my mind wanders and I loose concentration. It's going quickly and I should easily have it finished this morning and be able to piece the binding and maybe even attach it before I get to work later. Yippie!! Joe has had to wait quite a while for this one.

After receiving the cross stitch stuff from my service user the other day I had a hankering to do a little to my own cross stitch so sat for a couple of hours yesterday and the day before, needless to say just a few hours has made little difference to such a large project but I'm sure things will change there over the next few weeks. It's been a long while since I put in more than a dozen stitches at a sitting. I may post a before and after pic in the next few days.

Have a great day.

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blackbearcabin said...

cant wait to see the dragon quilt finished...the flames look cool!
but not as cool as my ALQS quilt you sent me :)
thank you thank you thank you!!!!
i was off camping when it arrived, so it was a nice prize waiting for me when i got home! I love it...so bright and cheery! I now know why you didnt want to share pics, as i am a frequent lurker here :) heheheheh
Thank you for all of the extras as well...very thoughtful! :) Jordyn loves the candy!
I have posted it on my blog, but will post more pics when i figure out where i want to hang it....hmmmmmm....decisions, decisions!
Thanks again~